Cfi oral plan of action

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Action Planning for Daily Mouth Care in Long-Term Care: The Brushing Up on Mouth Care Project

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Nursing Research and Practice

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• Identify personal action steps to improveyour oral presentation skills. Scope • Lesson Overview and Objectives Lesson 4. Preparing for Oral Presentations Effective Communication (ISb) developing a family reunification plan. Mouth care is an integral part of personal care yet it is inadequate [4, 6, 7] and given low priority for residents in long-term care [8, 9].

Poor oral hygiene resulting from inadequate mouth care causes considerable morbidity such as mucosal inflammation, caries (tooth decay), and periodontal disease (bone loss around teeth) [ 7, 10 ].

and Provincial Oral Health Manager in followed by the development of a provincial Oral Health Action Plan (OHAP) in The current OHAP document updates the initiatives and objectives to meet the oral health needs of Albertans and to ensure sustainability of .

Cfi oral plan of action
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