Explain schlieffen plan meant work gcse coursework

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Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, chief of staff of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) and architect of the battle, evidently agreed. When he put it into practice -with 20 less divisions than called for by the Schlieffen Plan- Von Moltke found he couldn’t extend his forces -some of which needed to be diverted elsewhere- far enough to.

History Coursework - World War One Depth Study 1. Explain how the Schlieffen Plan was meant to work? The main objective of the Schlieffen Plan was to stop Germany fighting two wars on two simultaneous fronts.

At the time, Germany and her allies were surrounded by enemies. a) Explain how the Schlieffen plan was meant to work.

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The Schlieffen plan was originally designed by Alfred Von Schlieffen (hence the name of the plan) in Decemberwho was German army chief of staff at the time. The main purpose of the Schlieffen plan was to avoid a war on two fonts for Germany.

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Schlieffen Plan Germany has three ideas for mobilization with France was weak, Russia was strong but slow, and Germany was strong. Germany was going to hit Paris and then come back and fight Russia.

Explain schlieffen plan meant work gcse coursework
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