Human resources management selection and recruitment plan

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Recruitment and selection – The most important HR function

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Department of Management Services

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Recruitment & Selection Resources

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Google’s HRM: Recruitment, Selection, Retention

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Recruitment, selection and succession planning are other human resource processes where talent management strategies will be utilized. Providing strategic leadership on issues impacting the University, with particular attention to compliance and management of risks.

Upon approval by the Personnel Action Committee, and prior to commencing any recruitment activity, a Human Resources Representative will initiate a recruitment consultation with the hiring official to discuss position attributes and any applicable EEO/AA hiring goals. The Vacancy and Job Description.

The first recruitment task of your human resources staff is an examination of the position in relation to your business strategy. Recruitment & Selection Guidelines Follow the outlined steps within this page to complete the recruitment and selection process for your vacant position.

The total time to complete the process is dependent upon the processing time for each step. The recruitment process represents a significant investment and has many stakeholders. you can expect that Human Resources (HR) will take care of it.

Recruitment Checklist for Hiring Managers (pdf) (See the Candidate Selection and Hiring page(s) on this website for an overview of the process.). There are various reasons to plan the human resource for the organization like to fulfill the requirement of manpower in the organization, labor turnover etc.

Planning aid the management to identify the sources of recruitment in the organization and select the best candidate for the organization.

Human resources management selection and recruitment plan
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Employee Selection Plan Development