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The name "Azerbaijan" originates as the "Land of Atropates", an Achaemenid then Hellenistic-era king over a region in present-day Iranian Azarbaijan and Iranian Kurdistan, south of the modern state.

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The Challenges below get right to the heart of the issues that cause companies to remain rooted in Plan A – business as usual. They are our initial framework for Plan B, which we will continue to develop with help from like-minded leaders around the globe. Design concept The design of the Heydar Aliyev Center establishes a continuous, fluid relationship between its surrounding plaza and the building’s interior.

Lake Urmia (Persian, Daryacheh-ye Orumieh), is Iran's largest lake with a surface area of approximately 5, km 2 (2, mile 2).It is a relatively shallow lake. Prosper in social media communication with one of our agencies in Azerbaijan.

A hefty inventory of solutions is put forward by social media agencies, for instance social media accountmanagement and social media communication.5/5(1).

Media plan azerbaijan
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Zoroastrian Places of Worship. Early Chahar-Taqi Fire Temples