Nature of planning and control

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What is Planning and its Nature, Importance, and Types

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Nature of Planning and Control

Planning and control activities provide the systems, procedures, and decisions which bring different aspects of supply and demand together Difference between planning and control Planning concerns what should happen in the future and control copes with changes.

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7 Main Nature and Features of Planning in Business

Chapter 10 – The Nature of Planning and Control The most important issues to consider however are those concerned with the nature of planning and control. Although planning and control are two separate activities, in practice, very difficult to separate. Nature of Planning and Control This document covers all the points from the reading suggested and the lecture notes.

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Supply and demand affect planning and control If planning and control is the process of reconciling demand with supply, then the nature of the decisions taken to plan and control an operation will depend on both the nature of demand and the nature of supply in that operation. The planning and control necessary for this kind of operation can be called resource to order planning and control.

Other operations might be sufficiently confident of the nature of demand, if not its volume and timing, to keep in stock most of the resources it requires to satisfy customers.

Nature of planning and control
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7 Main Nature and Features of Planning in Business