Projection mapping

And there is a student creative community embracing it as a business and entertainment tool.

Projection Mapping

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Mapping video

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Where will it take us next?Call it projection mapping, pixel mapping, video mapping, or even architecturally registered mapping. It’s known by all those names and more. But the new media format that has been the toast of YouTube—and live.

A map projection is a systematic transformation of the latitudes and longitudes of locations from the surface of a sphere or an ellipsoid into locations on a plane.

Maps cannot be created without map projections. All map projections necessarily distort the surface in some fashion. Depending on the purpose of the map, some distortions are. Buy Alien Tech S Cube FHD Hologram, Projection-Mapping, & WiFi Ready 1, Lumens ( ANSI) Protection Cage, Remote, MHL, HDMI, Tripod, Cradle P Pico Projector, White: Video Projectors -

Projection mapping is an exciting projection technique that uses specialized software and other technologies to warp and blend projected images so they fit perfectly on irregularly-shaped “screens” such as buildings, interior spaces, objects and natural landscapes.

In The Book of Transformations, Christie looks closely at the growing creative-communication medium called "projection mapping".

It involves projecting static or animated digital media onto just about any surface conceivable instead. PMC is a community resource for all things projection mapping a.k.a.

Projection Mapping Central

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Projection mapping
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