Protestant reformation lesson plans

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Are Adventists Old-Covenant Christians? (part 2)

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Huldrych Zwingli

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Here is a very detailed lesson plan on the Protestant Reformation. This lesson will start with a quiz, you can use any quiz but I included a Renaissance quiz because you usually talk about the Renaissance before the Protestant Reformation.

It then gives and introduction to the idea of the Protestant Reformation breaking down the words PROTEST and REFORM/5(11). Timeline of the Protestant Reformation This timeline shows the progression of the Catholic Church through the Middle Ages up until the start of the Reformation.

Medieval Europe Lesson Plans | Timeline of the Protestant Reformation | Share My Lesson.

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The following text is a translation of the Protestant five-year plan for Chinese Christianity. The original Chinese document was compiled by the national committees of the government-sanctioned China Christian Council and Three-Self Patriotic Movement.

Jun 30,  · The Protestant world is getting ready to celebrate the th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, when Martin Luther — guided by the Holy Spirit — brought to millions crucial biblical truths that were long hidden under centuries of superstition and tradition.

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Protestant reformation lesson plans
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