Writing a counter argument lesson plan

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Listen to a university studies song or watch a huge. If you’re a writing teacher in grades and you’d like a classroom-ready unit like the one described above, including mini-lessons, sample essays, and a library of high-interest online articles to use for gathering evidence, take a look at my Argumentative Writing unit.

Just click on the image below and you’ll be taken to a page where you can read more and see a detailed preview of what’s included. formal- just writing arguments and counterarguments without prompts showing).

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The National LiteracyStrategy 4 Year 6 Planning Exemplification – Argument Unit • Unit 51 from Grammar for Writing. • Shared reading: read and discuss content of discussion text (e.g.

Sample Text A); analyse and annotate for organisation of content and create skeleton-frame.

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The counterargument lesson plan that follows has been designed, tested, and refined to better help students understand “counterargument” as a complex and delicate rhetorical strategy, rather than the simple mentioning of an opposing viewpoint. Simply put, this is a rockstar counterargument lesson plan, whether you’re just introducing the concept to your 6th graders or you’re cementing understanding in.

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Writing a counter argument lesson plan
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